Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our new life

Long time no posting! I felt the need to update because I constantly read everyone's blogs but never update my own. I'm such a bad blogger!

A few recent happenings:

-I FINALLY live with my husband again! I've been here almost a month (Camp Lejeune) and I love it. I don't know if I mentioned this before or not, but I sold my car back while he was at boot camp, and that was probably not such a great idea. B takes the car to work every day and I'm stuck at home. I don't usually mind it, but sometimes when the weather is beautiful I just want to go drive somewhere and sit and read a book. Or something.

-I've got one new friend so far. Her and her husband helped us move in when we arrived here. My husband and hers are in the same unit so they've known each other for a while. It would be easier to get out and meet people if I had a car...but I'll make do for now. Hopefully within the next few months my own set of wheels will be parked in our driveway.

Now, a few pictures from the past month or so:

We drove to Topsail Island a few weekends ago, just for fun. He's not mad, just really cold!

My last day at work. Bittersweet. Mostly sweet.

Loading up the moving truck! We left at 4am the next morning. Couldn't sleep so we just rolled outta bed and took off!

Recent self-portrait. :)

Hubby built us a headboard. We got a new bedframe/mattress the week after I got here! Our other mattress was sooo old and definitely needed to be retired.

Overall, I love our new life. We go out and do stuff all the time which is very nice since we've never had the opportunity before. I'm excited for the summertime when we can sit on the beach all day long! That's my kind of summer. Beach, swimming, books. Yes.