Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hiiiii everyone!

I really think I can get back into the blogging groove again, because...I finally got a new laptop! I used to blog on a really bad quality netbook (it was great when it was in its prime) and it just wasn't working out. So after this morning and dealing with it freezing up constantly, I walked into Staples, called my husband, and informed him of how I was about to purchase us a new laptop. And he agreed!

Husband is currently not in NC...he's doing pre-deployment training in a classified area. ;-) Although we've been told he's not getting deployed anytime soon, this is "required" training for when it does happen.

Anyway...we love it in our new town! I suppose I like it more than he does for obvious reasons. I'm currently back home visiting my family while he's gone and I'm actually going to be working for a few weeks until he comes home. I figured it would make the time go by faster and Lord knows I can use all the help I can get!

Here are a few pictures to update you guys!

 We got a puppy! Her name is Sadie and she's a Jack Russell. Sooo adorable! She'll be 12 weeks old this coming Wednesday.

 Nap time...I tell B I don't want her to sleep in our bed so they nap on the couch instead! :-)

 My brother home during his pre-deployment leave. We also celebrated his 19th birthday. He deploys in May with the Army.

 Us at the NC Zoo a few weeks ago.

Got my nose pierced as a late Christmas gift from my brother. I have wanted this since I was 16 and it was worth the wait! I love it.

So...I really hope to get back into blogging! I still read all of your blogs but very rarely comment because it was such a long process with my old computer! I will be doing that more often, for sure!