Wednesday, April 27, 2011


If my posts on here bother you or offend you in any way, don't read it. And don't blab about it to people we know mutually. I'm not censoring these posts in any way; if you don't like the choices I make in my life or the things I say on here, then don't read my blog. I'm sick of hearing about myself from other people because I said something a little "bad" and blah blah blah. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO FIND TIDBITS OF GOSSIPY INFORMATION ABOUT ME TO SHARE WITH OTHERS. Just because I made the decision to get married at eighteen does not make me totally incompetent and dumb!

Super-venty post coming up by tomorrow. You've been warned!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

my, oh my.

Almost a two week absense. I'm sorry! At least I didn't let down hundreds of followers, only nine of you. :) But nine very dear people you are!

I'm currently at my mom's drinking coffee with coconut milk, and if I cussed I would say it's bleepin' good, because it IS. I love it.

My brother is leaving in...nine days and it kills me. People often joke with me that I'll miss him more than B, but no, I won't. It's just that it's my brother and he's my best friend and we do so much together. He's actually such an awesome brother that he's taking me SHOPPING next Friday. Seriously, how awesome is that?

In other news...well, there's not much of it. That's why I haven't written lately because I don't want to bore you all with boring "this is what I did today" posts because I know those get boring after a while. It just kind of sucks right now because life IS kind of boring, just counting down the days til my boys leave and I move back into my mom's house.

Granted, tomorrow is Easter and I have a flippin' awesome dress. $5 from the Goodwill, by Dress Barn. In. Love. I'll get a pic on here when I can.

How have all of you been? I'm sure it will be kind of shocking to see a post from me in your news feed!

Another question: Tattoo for me, yay or nay? I drew on my foot the other day (just a small Christian fish) and I really like it. I've been toying with the idea for a while now but keep chickening out.

Happy Easter, beautiful ladies!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

pictures from the playland.

(brother, not husband)

one of the places I despise the most... a McDonald's playplace.

Cannot. Stand. It.

The smell of stale french fries and dirty feet. The sound and the screeching and shrieking and yelling. The dirty, germy play equipment.

And's where I sit right this minute.

I took little sis here tonight to get her out of mom's hair...she's been a little pill all day and mom needed a break. So I'm guzzling coffee trying to not pull my hair out as these little kids chase each other and scream and holler like it's some sort of game.

Maybe it's a sigh I'm not ready to be a parent quite yet, but I can think of other places I enjoy more. A bookstore. My house. The kitchen table at my mom's sewing something.

I know I sound really selfish, but really. Anyone else despise Mickey D's playland?

The countdown continues for B's departure. He's been having some knee trouble from all the running he's been doing, so he's kind of worried it will be an issue at boot camp. We have to get a power of attorney filled out so I can be in charge of all the bank stuff while he's gone. We already have a joint account so I don't know why this is necessary. Good ole' paperwork. :)

Ever just wish someone would walk up to you and hand you a thousand dollars? I do. I want that right now. I want a bunch of money just for myself. I want a savings account. Mine got depleted when I got married and I'm just dying to start another one. Maybe one of these kind folks here in this merry playland will give it to me.

/wishful thinking

Saturday, April 9, 2011

a stormy saturday.

I love thunderstorms.

And we're going through a big one right now. Rain is hitting the window and the thunder is crazy and I love it. This is actually the second storm today which is even better.

I hate not having internet at home anymore. I'm on my netbook right now so I feel a little more at home, but it's still not the same. I can't curl up in bed with the Duke blanket and matching pillows and type away with as my soundtrack.

(Speaking of, my link-up didn't work the other day.)

In other news, I think this looming government shutdown is completely ridiculous. It really makes me angry.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Song Link Up Week 7

Linking up with Goodnight Moon for week 7 of the link up. Feel free to join in! It's so fun getting to listen to what song everyone has on their minds. I'll be back with a real post tomorrow! Going on a shopping date with a bestie so I'm sure I'll have news about that. :)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Our days at our teeny tiny apartment are drawing to a close. Less than two months left. And at the rate things have been going, those two months will go by pretty quickly. We were having our usual late-night conversation last night, remembering random things that have happened to us over the course of our lease. Our first apartment, living as grown-ups (most of the time). "Hey, how about that time the pipe under the kitchen sink busted at six in the morning? ON MY BIRTHDAY!" B would say, snickering as he re-enacted the events of the geyser shooting out of the sink cabinet. I had to sit there and keep my hand over it, which didn't do much, while he ran in his PJ's to get the landlord. Our carpet was wet for days. I thought I could one-up that one, but to no avail. "How about when we got all those fish and that one attacked most of them so you had to stick your hands in and get the killer fish out?!" YES. That was probably one of our worst money-wasting purchases EVER. We had bought a nice fish tank and probably ten fish. "Oh yeah, all those fish will be fine together. They all get along," the apparently not-so-knowledgable employee told us (note to self: don't buy fish at Wal-Mart ever again). The next day we found fish parts strewn across the tank and the killer fish swimming happily in the middle of it. I swear this is no exaggeration. So, since we failed to purchase a fish net for incidents like this, B had to stick his hand in the tank and get out the culprit. I had a picture of him holding the killer, but can't find'll have to do without. That sorry thing was immediately flushed. We brought back the dead fish in individual baggies (like we were told to if they died) and they gave us a refund. Or how about the time we had just watched FOUR Saw movies, and B snuck up on me in the shower and grabbed me through the shower curtain? I thought I had met death when I felt those arms around me. (Forgot to mention he had turned the light off too.) Oh wait, how about this one? He beat me in Scrabble several nights in a row, and that is just unheard of. He is a self-proclaimed illiterate (not really, he can read) who can't write or spell for anything. And he beat me. ME. To this day I still don't know how he did it. The night he colored my hair was pretty awesome. He did a fantastic job, however I didn't use my trust John Freida color-saving shampoo so it was gone after three days. But those three days were awesome. "Krystal, your hair looks so good! Who did it?!" people would ask. I haven't dyed it since because I've realized my natural color is way better, but being a brunette for a while was nice. On Sundays after church (this was way back in the day when I didn't work on Sunday...) we would drag the mattress off our bed and get a ton of blankets and plop it all in front of our TV and watch movies all day (helloooo run on sentence). We haven't done that in a while, but I do miss it. Maybe before he leaves we can do it again, just for old-times sake. So readers, tell me your favorite memory of your first place! Either with your spouse or alone!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

happiness on a Sunday

Happiness is...

  • little sister sitting on my lap as I try to type

  • coffee with brown sugar, made especially by mom

  • bacon cheeseburgers on the grill

  • a three mile bike ride (couldn't feel my legs after that one)

  • gooey cookies

  • wearing an Army shirt while B sports his Marine shirt.

Yeah, sue me. I currently don't own any Marine memorbilia except a bumper sticker on my car. However, I do have several Army shirts (my brother leaves May 3rd for basic) and tons of other stuff he gets from his recruiter especially for me. I feel kinda special. Lunchbox, water bottles, keychains, lanyards, iPod cases, stickers, just tons of s t u f f .

B always gets after me about wearing Army shirts, but hey, B! If you got me some USMC gear I would most definitely wear it. He says I don't get anything until after he graduates recruit training, which I kind of understand...but come on!

So now we're all at mom's house for our Sunday night dinner. Since it's nice weather outside, step-dad is doing some intense grilling on the barbecue. Jalepeno bacon cheeseburgers minus the jalepenos. So...bacon cheeseburgers. Either way, I'll take it!

My brother leaves in 28 days. So that means B leaves in...56? I think. He has the countdown on his phone but I can't touch the sacred Android, so we'll just go with 56!

I hope to be back to blogging about something every day. It really sucks not being able to get on here and write whenever I feel like it. I have my netbook in my brother's room so maybe one of these days we can set up the wireless on it so I can blog from that instead of my mom's computer. Hopefully in the next couple weeks.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for reading! It makes my day when I get comments or see I've added a new follower. Oh, the simple things in life. :)