Thursday, July 30, 2009

~a little overwhelmed

We're pretty close to moving in. Of course, he won't be moving in until after we're married, but I say "we" because technically his stuff will all be moved in a few days before we get married, so we don't have to spend our honeymoon (though we're not taking one now) time unpacking and organizing. Right now, the apartment is getting remodeled fairly drastically. The carpeting is being replaced from a dingy 70's green to a modern, neutral "wheat bread." The doorframes are being repainted from a minty, peeling green to a crisp, fresh white. The linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen will be redone as well, but we have no clue what to expect from that.

God has been very bountiful in his blessings for this new place and throughout our whole relationship. Through much prayer and bargain hunting we have been able to receive several gifts and donations for our new house. We got a couch and loveseat from the Bargain Basement at Schewel's for $399, but we only paid $80 as of right now because we financed it. We were given 2 end tables, a coffee table, several pots and pants, a large hope chest, 2 lamps, and several kitchen appliances for free from a neighbor across the street. Even the way the whole apartment worked out was a huge blessing. We had randomly ran into a guy who knew somebody who had nice, safe apartments and it all took off from there.

BJ is waiting to hear confirmation about a job position he was interviewed for at WFUBMC. He was interviewed a few weeks ago, so any day now we should have a response about it. Yesterday he was offered a position as an ambulance driver in a city closer to where he currently lives, but the pay is $.95 less than the other job, and it doesn't include any benefits whatsoever. This is one of the things I love about him- he'll work long hours at jobs he doesn't necessarily love just to make sure I'm happy and taken care of.

As for me...I don't know what I'll do for a "real" job. I'm slaving away at Subway, basically getting nowhere, and have been for 4 years. I work 30 hours a week maybe, making $8/hr with no benefits. The days I'm scheduled can change as drastically as the weather. I want a 9-5 job with benefits, Monday-Friday, weekends off. If I would have stayed in CNA class I could have a job as a CNA at a retirement home making $14/hr. I guess you could say that was my first mistake: dropping out of school.

But, I have been considering joining the rescue squad and getting my EMT-B/Int/Paramedic over the next couple years. If I join the squad now school will be paid for by them, and I can start running calls and gaining experience. BJ is on the squad and has been since we was 17/18, and he loves it. He started paramedic school but quit that because he couldn't do the math. I would love to go through schooling with him but I think he has other ideas about a career right now.

Well, I'm off to babysit. I need to pay more attention to my sister before she destroys even more of my room.

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