Sunday, November 29, 2009

hard times.

I guess things could always be worse. Actually, I don't "guess," I know. To us, life is a little hard right now, but to people who really do have it rough our situation is a cakewalk. It's just hard to believe that after all the hours I've worked, my paycheck for last week was only X-amount...all the bills hit us at once this month, our food supply is relatively low, and I've only been getting 20-some hours at work for the past two weeks.

For dinner last night we had TV dinners...the $1 special at Wal-Mart that are definitely bad for you; the ones that send your cholesterol through the roof. Yeah, those. We have Mac n' Cheese but I save that so BJ has something to eat when I'm at work at night.

I was supposed to go shopping this weekend at a $5 Warehouse Sale in Virginia...don't know if I'll go. BJ says I can go, but I'd feel really bad because it would only leave us with $XX in the bank and if we need it, what will we do then? Granted we both get paid the following week, I don't know if it's a good idea. BJ says he wants me to go because he knows how long I've been looking forward to it for...but I just don't know.

At least we're getting all our bills paid. Our couch is paid off, rings are almost paid off, next comes the wedding dress payoff (the dress I never wore...complete and total waste of $ and learn, right?)...and on top of that our power bill, insurance, gas, food...blah. We've calculated that by the end of February we'll be back on top again; our rings will be paid for so that will be an extra $100/month we can have.

Like I said, I don't think it's as bad as we think it is...BJ is optimistic but I'm just hungry a lot and don't want to eat any of our food...sounds so miserable, right? At least mom's house is always open.

For entertainment we'll rent a $1 movie twice a week...we still play Scrabble, and lately we've gotten reaquainted with the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. My favorite way to spend time together is when we get all the blankets off our bed and out of the closet, grab some pillows and some junk food (...), throw it all on the floor in the living room and watch Hallmark movies that have horrible acting but a good message.

Today for lunch we're having a $4 on-sale pizza from Wal-Mart. Yum. :)

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Kayleigh Draur said...

I found what you said about watching the Hallmark movies quite humorous. ;) And I know what it is like to be financially pinched. :/ It's amazing how well God provides though!