Wednesday, October 5, 2011

hi guys, I miss you. the title says.

...but most of all, I miss my husband. He graduated September 9th from recruit training, and OH MY GOSH is he different! But in a good way. I am so head over heels all over again.

He's currently at MCT school and I didn't think I could miss someone soooo much! I hate to say it, but it was much harder letting him go after his ten-day leave than when he left for boot camp. I'm not really sure why; maybe because he's changed so much and he treats me much differently (in a good way!). I'm so blessed to have him and just so darn proud of what he's accomplished, he deserved it more than anything.

Anyway, he has twelve days left of MCT and I get to go down and see him for that graduation. After that, he's whisked away to MOS school...he still doesn't know what his exact MOS is yet; hopefully we find out really soon. I want to know where we'll be stationed because the suspense is killing me!

Okay, time for a confession. I quit blogging here because it seemed to make the time go by super slow; I know it sounds dumb but it's true. I also felt like I sounded depressed all the time and I didn't want to come across that way. However, I have realized that I NEED the support of military spouses because civilians just don't get it.  They try to sympathize but they really don't know what I'm going through and what it's like to be apart from their man 24/7 with no communication, etc. So, please send some love and I'll get back in the habit of blogging! I've been reading all of the blogs I usually do but haven't been commenting or posting my own entries of course. I've realized what a wonderful support system you all have and I need something like that in my life! :)

Finally, a few pictures from graduation/our "honeymoon":

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claire said...

Oh gosh! I know this is old but don't stop cuz it really helps!:) you're such a blessing:)