Monday, October 31, 2011

i'm back!

Happy Halloween! Hope you have all had a great one so far. I indeed dressed up, I always do. I love Halloween! Marilyn Monroe...

Anyway, I was randomly inspired to write tonight because...I just haven't in a while. I feel so awkward blogging once in a blue moon like I have been lately. I do miss my frequent entries, but life just feels so blah lately. Hubby is doing great, he's currently awaiting MOS school to start. I'm praying we have orders for our duty station by the beginning of December. It's SO exciting for us to know we're going to be moving soon.

Above is B at his MCT graduation a couple weeks ago, right before the new sleeves down rule!

Hopefully I'll be back with more frequent entries, I read blogs like crazy, I just hardly ever keep mine up to date.

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