Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Moving day is coming up pretty soon! Twelve days to be exact. I leave my job in eleven so of course I'm excited about that too!

I plan to be more active with this blog once we get settled down and moved in, that's for sure!

I still don't know if I will wait a while to start work again or try to find a job immediately once I get there. I really don't want to work but everyone is telling me I will be so bored if I don't. So I don't know what to do. If I do anything I'd like it to be super-part time, maybe enough to make a car payment every month since I do want a new car (Kia Soul's are what I drool over). We'll see. I think I should just settle in and adjust to our 'new' life before starting the job hunt.

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Unknown said...

Starbucks. :) They are very flexible with your schedule. It's a decent place to work. :) I enjoy it. :)