Monday, December 12, 2011

getting ready to move...

It's getting closer, guys! We 'officially' have a place to live now. It's actually 17 miles from Camp Lejeune but that's much less of a drive than what B had to do for his old job. To be honest, I haven't even seen this place yet, but B has so I'm trusting him. He'll move in about a month before I do because one of the stipulations is that I have to pay off my Maurice's credit card (shouldn't have gone on so many shopping sprees while he was at boot camp...). I'll probably get there around the end of January although I'm praying it will be sooner.

Now I'm getting a little more nervous every day. This is my last full month at this house (my parent's) then we'll officially be on our own, four hours away from our family. But that's okay, it's what we wanted. B is a little worried that I'll have a hard time getting to know people, he's afraid I'll be alone when he gets deployed because he knows I'd much rather be by myself than out with a bunch of people.

How did you all get to know people when you moved to a completely new place? I'm so introverted and it's always been hard for me. I'm the kind of person who waits for people to come to me because I always feel so weird going up to them first in case we don't hit it off. I guess it's just one of those risks I gotta learn to take though.

Now, time for a picture! I went to visit B at MOS school for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time, like always. We went to Onslow beach (we're so excited to have a beach so close now!) and walked around in the cold water and picked up shells for little sis.

I love him. :)


Jamie said...

It is so exciting that you guys will be on your own. Just the two of you. You're going to have to lean on each other and each other only. Its fun!

Jen said...

I always meet new friends at church. We're passionate about serving at church and always find new friends that serve alongside us. Here, it's the worship team and small group, other places it's youth group leaders. Just find where you belong and God will direct you.

Also, I know an awesome church in Swansboro if you're looking :)

Simply B said...

I just stumbled across your blog from the Military Monday blog hop & I feel like we have so much in common! "Radical follower of Jesus... give Him all the credit for placing us together and KEEPING us together... a wallflower, a free-thinker, an introvert... NOT the chef in this family...." -- seriously the same person :)

My boy has been stationed in Jacksonville (Camp Geiger/Camp LeJeune) for the past 2 1/2 years (although he's been in Afghanistan for the past 7 months & comes back this weekend!). I visit him there frequently - it's only 2.5 hours from where I live (I'm in my last year of undergrad at Duke... shout out to your husband's shirt!) Best of luck as you start this new adventure in life together - I'm sure it will be great!

Jennifer {The Thrifty Military Wife} said...

Its so exciting to be on your own! I met new friends through play-dates with my daughter, the library, the pool, through my husband and also through blogging.

Kayleigh Draur said...

When we moved here I was incredibly lonely when Ronnie was working...and like you, I am not great at just going out and making random strangers become my friend. ;) So I got a job, where Lilly could come with me, and met some people that way...that helped to kill my boredom and I earned extra money. :)