Wednesday, September 9, 2009

busy busy

After shipping my husband off at 7am with a belly full of scrambled eggs and bacon, I went back to sleep until about 10. Once I got ready for the day, I headed off to mom's house to meet her and Gracie for lunch, then off to the Social Security office to finally get my last name legally changed. The process was a lot easier than I thought it would be; my new card will be mailed to me within 7-10 days. In about 48 hours I'll be able to go to the DMV to get my name changed on my license. Piece of cake.

I went back to mom's house and pulled out my winter clothes from the basement; there were 2 trashbags filled with shirts and jackets. I currently have no where to put the new clothes; our walk-in closet is currently a storage room for all the other stuff we have no room for, and we need to buy some hangers and storage cabinets ASAP. For now, the clothes are laying in our room in organized piles (those of which will probably be destroyed once BJ gets home, he'll go on a manhunt looking for something he misplaced) waiting to be hung up.

We've got church tonight, then after that it's dinner at my new in-laws. He's supposed to get off at 5 tonight, something which rarely happens. :)

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Kayleigh Draur said...

I got my social security changed right away but get this, I just changed my name on my license right before we moved. lol ;)