Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things I've learned since I've been married.

1. You don't give 50/50; you give 100/100.

2. Don't threaten your husband. For example, you tell him that if he doesn't pick up his dirty socks from the living room, you'll "misplace" his underwear...but when he really doesn't pick up the socks, you're too scared to actually follow up on your threat in fear of what he'll do to you (e.g., turn the lights off while you're in the shower and grab you through the shower curtain, making noises like the thing from My Bloody Valentine?.)

3. Always expect to come home to a mess if he's been home alone for a while unsupervised.

4. Thank him graciously (over do it) when he does something really thoughtful and sweet so he'll know to do it again.

5. Don't argue about what time you should leave to go somewhere. Trust him when he says you'll be on time. Forget leaving 30 minutes before hand so you can arrive before you need to be there, he'll roll in right on time , 30 seconds early if you're lucky.

6. Don't throw mayonnaise at him because it makes a huge mess.

7. Don't be lazy throughout the day; he likes to come home to a clean house with dinner on the table or almost there.

8. Kool-Aid makes him happy after a long day at work. I guess it's better than alcohol.

9. Don't argue. You used to always win when you were dating, but now that you're married, it's whatever he wants. Disagree with him and it's a guaranteed squabble for the remainder of the night.

10. Always. Tell. Him. Everything.

11. If he leaves his e-mail/FB/Myspace open, don't snoop through it. You just might be sorry (or you could end up ROFLing together at the contents).

12. Don't ever make fun of him for losing at anything (example :Scrabble) because he'll take it really harshly and try to defend himself by saying he only lost because he had a Z he couldn't use.

13. Always watch the movie he wants to watch, because at the time you least expect it he'll put in Raise Your Voice or Titanic when you're not looking and expecting another night of Die Hard or Talladega Nights.

14. Hang up and fold his matter what. If the rest of the house is a mess just make sure he has his laundry put away.

15. Bills are so much different since WE are the ones paying become very energy-conscious in order to keep the power bill low.

16. The house can never be to clean.

17. You'll find out who your true friends are. Just for your information, you will lose some, but you'll gain others.

18. Always pretend like football is the most amazing sport EVER. Do the same with the Duke Blue Devils.

19. Keep God a #1 priority and everything will be alright.

20. Don't go to bed without saying "I love you", and definitely, no matter what, don't go to bed mad. Even if you've had the fight of all fights, saying I love you can make a huge difference.

Of course, I/we still learn things every day, but these are just some things I was thinking about these last few weeks.

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Kayleigh Draur said...

I love this. I think that I should do one also, of the things that I have learned. :) It is funny how you become all energy conscience. :P Now I know what my mom was always talking about. :O And yes, to do seem to lose some friends, but gain others. That can be hard sometimes. Number 20 is absolutely right. :D Ronnie and I never go to bed without the other either, so it's kind of sweet. He seriously cannot sleep without me with him now. It makes me feel special. :)