Monday, October 26, 2009


-->I love this picture of BJ and Gracie. Sooo cute.

BJ is at work now, like usual on a Monday. Lately he (or I should say, we) have gotten into the habit of sleeping an hour later...this means he doesn't ride the bus, but has to drive to work every day. Not good. I told him today was the last day we can sleep in; we can't afford the gas it takes to drive down there 5x a week. At that rate, we'd have to fill up with gas 2x a week. Too much.

My job is really stressing me out...I've been getting my rash on my arms and legs this past week because work is THAT BAD. I pulled 43 hours last week because I covered two extra shifts, and it really wore me out. To top it all off, I have to work 8 days in a row before I get my next day off. (Well, it will be this coming Wednesday, but still, that's a lot of work). I come home every day (at about 10:30pm) completely worn out and in a bad mood because I pick up everyone's slack. As much as I want to say no, we need the money and if I ever get less than 30 hrs a week, I'll be covering shifts for people.

Which is why I am looking for a new job. But there's only so much I can do with no college I'm pretty much forced to go to college now. No way around that.

BJ is off work tomorrow; so we're going grocery shopping. I have to go into work at 4, but that should be enough time to get everything done. We'll have to dip into our savings account because our checking acct is a little low...we had to buy a new tail-light for his car (because on our wedding night he backed into a pole in the hotel parking lot...and it's taken us this long to get it fixed).

I just can't bring myself to do the dishes. I've been putting them off for two days but I'll know they need to be done. I'd rather sleep until I have to go to work.

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bretswife1 said...

I love you and am proud of the life the two of you are making. Keep the focus on God and on each other. Do not let the stress get to you.

love mom