Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little update.

I just realized I never posted a few pictures from my 21st birthday. It wasn't as "crazy" as I expected it would be and that's totally okay with me! On Friday night (the 8th) B and I went to his friend's house for a get-together with a bunch of people from his unit. Basically everyone was drunk already when we got there around 8pm, but they all insisted on taking a "birthday shot" with me once it reached midnight and was OFFICIALLY my birthday. We counted down the minutes until twelve, and then down the hatch it went: a shot of strong brandy. I don't even know the name of it; it started with a C and all I know is it burned going down! Wasn't bad though.

I'll spare you all the details of what happened with two of the guys after that...let's just say they drank WAY too much that night and the shot did them in.

Anyway, next morning. We got home around 2am so we were exhausted, but we woke up early to go to IHOP with everyone from the night before. There were so many of us they had to split us up among three tables which kind of sucked but it was still fun. Someone had told the waitress it was my birthday, so at 10am I was surrounded my singing employees and a little sundae. I don't really like all that attention, but it was fun. This is where our motto of the day began; YOLO.

I really hate that phrase, I think it's so ridiculous. But what the heck, it was my birthday and we were going to have FUN!

We all headed off to the beach (little Sadie too) and made a day of it. Got a little too much sun, so we came home super tired and all plans for going out to celebrate that night kinda fell through. B and I crashed around nine and slept for a solid twelve hours!

One "family" picture:

 Excuse my "shorts tan." I'm trying to get rid of that unsightly-ness.

I have more pictures but I don't want to put them on this blog because there's alcohol and cigarettes in them; that's what happens when you're with a ton of Marines...I don't usually associate myself with those two things (let alone go to a "real" party) so off they blog they'll stay.

I love how in the above picture our dog is just totally lovin' life. She hates the water but LOVES the sand and digging big holes. Kinda adorable.

Forgot to mention all of us bought neon YOLO glasses and wore them the whole day. Again not something I'd do normally, but...you only live once! ;-)

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