Thursday, June 7, 2012


I am the worst blogger ever!

I am alive though, I just mostly stay on facebook and Twitter now. I say this every time, I know, but I still read all my usual mil-blogs. Mine just never seems to get updated!

Want a few pictures?

 My little sister and I out celebrating both of our birthdays. Her's is June 4th, mine's the 9th (helloooo 21!)

Five month old Sadie. She's a tornado, let me tell you. The only thing she's REALLY good at is sleeping in her crate at night and being quiet and not peeing/pooping in it. Housebreaking for her has gone backwards. She refuses to go outside for me, only for my husband. She's obsessed with him. Sadie will literally attack him with kisses and jump all over him when he walks through the door, but she doesn't do that with me like, EVER! But that's okay. I'd rather not have doggy slobber all over my clothes and face.

Anyway. My 21st is on Saturday. I did something sort of mean and took my birth date off of Facebook just to see how many of my "friends" actually know it's my birthday. Ssshh, don't tell my secret! :-P As far as I know, I'm not doing anything overly ridiculous on Saturday, my husband and I will probably just chill at home with some Jack and/or vodka lemonade. Sounds good, yes? I also am hoping to get a tattoo when my mom comes to visit (she wants one too!) as a present to myself. YOLO, right? (totally kidding. I hate that phrase SO MUCH.)

Now for some crappy cell phone pics:

What's this?! A pic of B? This was from Monopoly/Pictionary night at our house. He was mad because his team was losing. That's what he gets for picking to be on my friend's team rather than mine! ;-)

See, told you she's in love with him. He goes out to light the grill and she almost has a panic attack.

Relaxing in the sun.

Aaaand that's about it for now. On Sunday B and I (and some of his friends) are trying out a new church. I guess it's about time since, you know, I haven't been to church once since moving here in January. Bad me!


Mrs.B said...

You have to do something for your 21st!! Dress up and make the hubs take you to dinner just so you can order that first legal drink!

Sadie is adorable. Our dog HATES going outside too.

I love reading your posts!

That Recruit's Wife said...

Thanks lady. You're too sweet. I think we'd actually do something big tomorrow night if B didn't have to leave for VA on Sunday so he doesn't want to celebrate too much. ;-) But I'm planning on a nice dinner out when he comes home, that's for sure!