Monday, April 30, 2012

right now.

Wearing: Yellow striped pj shorts & hubby's white t-shirt
Wanting: My husband home! And I'd like to find something decent to watch on TV...seems like nothing is on tonight.
Thinking:Why is my forehead so itchy? // Should I get up to get matches so I can burn my new candle? // When is hubs coming home?!?
Needing: I don't personally need anything but my dog is super low on dog food...guess I know what I'll be buying tomorrow.
Worried about: Nothing.
Hoping for: Good news when my husband turns in his request for leave time in June.
Excited about: My husband coming home! I know it's sometime this week, I just don't know when! The suspense is killing me. Supposedly he finds out tomorrow, we'll see.

B's two favorite girls ;)


Mrs.B said...

AHH! Hopefully he comes home soon rather than later this week!

That Recruit's Wife said...

Me toooo! I'm the most impatient person ever, so this is hard for me!