Wednesday, April 11, 2012

nine days...

...until I will be back home. I'm very excited, actually. I miss cleaning my house and making dinner and baking stuff. I miss being around a bunch of Marines (I don't mean that in a bad way of course...haha). I miss being in a town with stuff to do! I miss my friends! Aaah!!

I'm slowly but surely compiling a list of things to cook for B when he comes home. Can't wait to cook for him again! I know whenever he eats there are hardly any leftovers so I have to grab my portion for lunch the next day so I don't starve. ;-)

Tomorrow, April 12th, means B and I have been together for three years!!!!! It's gone by so quickly. Never thought I'd marry the youth preacher from Wal-Mart who turned into a Marine.

Just for fun, us three years ago:
 May 2009

4-12-09 which also happened to be Easter Sunday. :)

Also 4-12-09 

June 2009 before we got our engagement pics done. I had mono and didn't even know it here!


Mrs.B said...

Happy 3 years!! So excited you get to go back soon!

That Recruit's Wife said...

Aw thanks! I realized today I always catch myself typing "Mr. B" instead of just "B" and I'm like, no wait...Mr. B is Amanda's man! Lol.