Thursday, April 5, 2012


Sadie the Jack Russell joined our family on March 5th of this year! She's sooo sweet. She's definitely in love with my husband; since he's been away he's made it very clear how much he misses her. :-) The two of them napped together constantly and played all the time. She'll be glad when he's back!

 First day with us! 8 weeks old.

 First bath at her new house. :) 9 weeks.

 Meeting my family. 10 weeks.

 Cuddling with her BFF. Few days before B left for training.

11 weeks with her new toy.
Yesterday. Exactly 12 weeks! Such a doll.


Fran said...

oh my word, she's the cutest!

Kayleigh Draur said...

Super cute! I especially like the one with the remote...shows how tiny she is. :) Lilly needs a puppy. :)I think once we get moved, we'll get her one.