Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can't wait to marry him. Can't wait to marry him. Can't wait to marry him. Can't wait to marry him. Can't wait to marry him. Can't wait to marry himmmmmm.

Sorry, slight outburst. But really, I can't. Actually I don't think either of us can wait, but you know, we kind of have to. If we got married now we wouldn't have a place to live. Lord knows what's taking our apartment so long to get ready. I wish we had an exact date we could move everything in. Although I can't wait, I'm hoping it's not for another two weeks or so, maybe three so I can get two more paychecks instead of just one. I'm really so excited though, so, so excited.

My room looks kind of like a storage shed now, only in the sense that it's covered in boxes with minimal walking room. The only things I haven't really packed up are my summery clothes and things I use every day. Everything else is in its individually-labeled box, perfectly organized with the contents and whether or not it's fragile written in oversized Sharpie writing. I have a shopping bag full of newspaper for wrapping the fragile things, and as it turns out I really don't have many breakable things. I have those seven circular mirrors and a set of 24 glasses, but other than that, you can drop everything I have from ten feet and it wouldn't break (I wouldn't recommend doing that to my laptop though).

Well anyway, I don't know why this is so short- usually I can go on and on and on about love and life and excitement, but I'm sort of in a rush to get this among other things done. BJ is preaching at church tonight and I'm about through the roof with excitement.


bretswife1 said...

I love reading this Blog. You have an incredable writing style. Very encouraging and interesting. I'm praying for the success of your marriage.

Kayleigh Draur said...

There needs to be a "like" button. ;)