Friday, August 7, 2009

~worst day ever!

I was off work today, but let me tell you I would have much rather been working ALL day. It would have saved me a lot of tears and I-wish-I-could-just-die-right-now thoughts. Here's a brief rundown:

7:15 Got abruptly awakened when Gracie was carried downstairs, my alarm wasn't set until 7:30 am because she's been sleeping until then as of late.
9:00 Leave for Winston with mom, Dixie, and Gracie. Yawn the entire way there, freeze because the air is on (why?!), and listen to Gracie fuss the whole time.
9:45 Arrive in Winston at the medical center, go wait while mom gets radiation.
10:30 Get to David's Bridal only to find they're not open yet, so we head next store to the jewelry store, and...
10:40 Purchase two wedding bands for Barry and I (he got a plain dark Tungsten band and I got a diamond inlaid something). I was approved for $4,100 worth of credit, and ended up purchasing these rings, pushing us into debt by $795. WHAT THE %^&@ DID I DO THAT FOR? Oh yeah, because I tend to make split second decisions and don't think about the consequences. We ended up getting a payment plan; no interest for six months then it jumps up to 23.9%. *HEADDESK*
11:10 Head back to David's Bridal, where I'm next very rudely dealt with by the pregnant saleswoman. I explained how I wanted to return two things and exchange something else, but NO. Definitely can't do that. "It's posted all over our store, ma'm." Actually, no it's not. And your associates failed to explain that to me when my dress and it's $400 worth of accessories was purchased. I walk out with the same dress, veil, slip, corset, and DEBT I had before. So much for trying to consolidate bills.
2:00 Get back in town after stopping for lunch at the mall.
3:00 Head out to run errands where I'm informed that my Medicaid will NOT cover the Gardasil shot I received Monday, OR the office visit. I break down in tears upon hearing this. Why has today been so horrible with MONEY?

While I'm dealing with all this, I'm also dealing with the fact that I could possibly be having another reaction to NuvaRing, which I dealt with about a month ago. I've been having the hardest time finding good, hormonal birth control that won't affect me in negative ways. Last time I tried the ring I felt like I was going to die, no exaggeration. I've had it in for about 16 hours now and I'm still feeling good, so we'll see if I continue to feel this way. Whatever happens, I do not want babies within the year, and I'm not willing to use any "other" methods of protection which are sold in gas stations, if you get what I'm saying.

So, I had to tell BJ about my little purchase today; I couldn't keep it a secret. I started off with, "Okay...I did something bad today and I have to tell you." #1 Rule: NEVER start off a conversation like that. Ever. #2 Rule: Make sure he's in a good mood before proceeding. Actually, #1 and #2 should be switched.

But anyway, he was in a good mood and didn't react badly when I told him I just racked up eight hundred more dollars of bills. He seemed more concerned with how soon we can have the rings and if his ring was manly or not.

So there you have it. It was just a sucky day. I did recieve word that our apartment can be ready in two weeks, which means that I'll be married in about three. Thank God. I need that. I just want to curl up with him on the couch, in our tiny apartment, with hardly any food, in the dark (well, we'll have power, we're just going to try to conserve as much as possible)and just laugh with each other. And then fall asleep and wake up and do it all over again.

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bretswife1 said...

It will be alright. Take a deep breath and relax. God will work it all out and bless you also.

Keep up the good work.