Saturday, August 8, 2009

~marriage license woes

We're getting married in less than three weeks. In about 16 days. Or however far away the 23rd is. That's the "official" date; after we've changed it a million times for various reasons, this is the real one that won't change.

We need to get the marriage license. And because of BJ's new job he won't be able to be present when I go to get it in Dobson. So there's this whole ordeal we have to go through so that I can get it by myself. It involves getting this paper from the Clerk of Courts (?) notarized and processed and blahblahblah (It would be so much easier if he could call in to work late, but no. Can't do that because these frail, senile old people need to be transported to dialysis). The license costs $50 (yeah, I sooo have that!) and is good for 60 days after the day it's issued, just fyi.

Still stressing. I should probably calm down. I really doubt all this worrying is good for me. I'm not really worrying about everything like I usually do, but there are some things that bother and concern me. Number one is my dad. I should just give up on him and move on with life, but it's SO hurtful how he's been acting. And he really hasn't done anything, which is what I have the problem with. Number two is just getting everything over and done with. Two weeks. If I keep telling myself that maybe it will go by faster. Or with the luck I've had here lately, it'll go a heck of lot longer than that.