Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a bunch of ramblings.


I have no idea what to write about. Blog slump? Yes.

OH WAIT. I do have a small tidbit of useless information.

We called to cancel our internet service, and our internet was supposed to be shut off today...however it's still on. I'm doing some wishful thinking that it won't be turned off and I can still keep in touch with the blog-iverse from my comfy beige couch.

We canceled it because we're behind on the bill (never thought I'd ever say that) and don't want to get any further behind before he leaves in May. So my laptop is going to have a new home at mom's house whenever this imminent Shut Off takes place. Don't worry my faithful, few friends: I'll still be here! :)

I can't get over the messy state of our house right now. My Type A is seriously having a fit about it. There are boxes everywhere, some neatly taped up and labeled, others have stuff haphazardly thrown in there with no organization (B packed those...not me). Every time we straighten up the house it gets messy again because we start packing other stuff up, put stuff into give/throw-away piles...urghhh. I'll be glad when this is all over!

I wish I had some more computer knowledge. I'm a liiiitle afraid my blog looks amateur, but oh well. I <3 my banner even though it took ten minutes on picnik.com. Maybe one of these days I'll have someone help me design a better looking blog...hey, maybe some of you girls know of someone who could help? Or know of a good website with tutorials and whatnot?

Oh, almost forgot to give an update on B! How dare me. Currently, he's sitting about two feet away from the TV playing MW2, and in between my repeated comments of, "Oh my gosh, they really are allowed to talk like that?!" we're talking about our future life.

We always do that.

Yesterday he officially found out his job in the USMC. Wait for it...logistics. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I much prefer it to his other choice of infantry. He says he would have been happy with either job, but I personally think he's kind of relieved he got job field 2311 (is that right?...I think it is).

That's another thing that bugs me. People that are like, "Psh, he's nothing if he's not in infantry!" Um, 'scuuuse me? It takes a big amount of guts and determination to even get through recruit training; anyone who gets through it and graduates is a certified BAMF to me (sorry for the cuss-word acronym, but it's the only 'word' that gets my message across properly), no matter what job field. He says anything that is less likely to get him killed is what he wants to do. Not to mention he's colorblind and a ton of jobs he wanted were pretty much X-ed out at the beginning.

'night, folks. :)

love this pic. <3

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Kayla said...

I'm so excited for you guys, and SUPER proud of B! You guys are going to have so much fun on your adventures :)

And girl, you need to hush about your blog looking amateur...NO! Mine does, yours looks completely professional IMO :P