Wednesday, March 23, 2011

retail therapy and quiet time.

Today was my day off. And I embraced it thoroughly. May have even squeezed the life out of it.

It started at 10 this morning when I hopped in the shower and styled my newly-cut hair in 30 minutes. Life is good.

Put in my new flower earrings, my three strand fabric-rhinestone necklace (sounds ugly, but it's wonderful) and my summery sandals I have missed wearing. They are indeed a summer wardrobe staple.

Went to lunch with my mother-in-law at my favorite Mexican restaurant and enjoyed conversation over salty chips and amazing chicken and rice and guacamole and everything that makes Mexican cuisine amazing.

After that, I headed to the mall in search of the perfect shorts, which I have yet to find. I don't like short shorts and I don't like to wear bermudas allll the time, so I'm looking for a pair in between. I tried on one pair but they were $29 and I cannot justify spending that much for two feet of material and some buttons.

Instead of the shorts, I moved on and bought two shirts, a dress, leggings, and a necklace. LOVE.

(yes, I realize I need to windex my mirror)

Went to mom's to showcase my purchases and of course had my usual cup of coffee. Drove home, and enjoyed the pitter patter of the rain and the gentle rolls of thunder.

B had to work today so I haven't seen much of him today We're here on the couch watching American Idol, critiquing everyone even though we can't hold a tune in a bucket. (For the record, I like James and Naima, he likes Scotty and Paul and that girl with the blonde hair who sang Shania Twayne...I can't remember her name right now.) quiet time. When we're both home, together. I love it and I will miss it so much when he's not here this summer.

I really want to get some pictures of us taken before he goes, even if they're not professional.We hardly have any really good ones and I would love to have some nice ones to hold and look at when I'm all. alone.

I love my bow.


Kayla said...

Your outfits are so cute! You also are making me want to cut my hair :P

Kayleigh Draur said...

My aunt and Scotty's mom are friends. :) So I have to be partial to him. ;) Sounds like you had a really fun day! I went to this really huge mall three times this past weekend with my sister in laws. :O