Saturday, March 19, 2011

our saturday.

Today was not a typical Saturday. It started at five this morning, which is much too early to even be coherent. B had a poolee function with the Marines/recruits in a city several miles away. Who knows all that went on there, all I know is he came home completely beat, sunburned, (the color does look good on his normally ghostly cheeks though...) and hungry. There were DIs there leading physical training, something you can't get too much of if you're going to be a Marine! B always enjoys these functions and comes home more motivated than he was before. He's stoked to go to recruit training; I'm still on the fence. I'm mostly on the "yay" side for now though. :)

I'm off work every other weekend, so I head to mom's house for coffee with her and my step-dad. It's always one of my favorite parts of the weekend...the coffee is to die for and so are the muffins that go along with it. We chit-chat while watching the news and paying attention to G (little sister).

On my days off, mom and I always make a big event out of it. We go out to eat, go shopping, drink more was no different. We went to lunch and let G play on the play equipment, then of course went shopping.

Now the fun begins. On a whim, I decide to go buy a bike since I rode my brother's yesterday and remembered how much I enjoyed it. So, we go to the bike store, pick out a bright shiny red one, load it up in the truck, and head to the trail to ride. As my brother was unloading the bikes from the back of the truck, he misplaces his foot and tumbles off the back and pop goes his ankle. I thought he was joking about how bad it was at first, but the repeated, constant stream of bleeeeps informs me otherwise. His ankle instantly starts swelling and it gets bigger by the minute.

We call mom.

Go home.

Ice it.

Go to the ER.

Soft cast, no work for five days, severe sprain.

Also have to share about yesterday. Just after my last post as we were heading to wash car overheats. Antifreeze doesn't fix it, so we think it's the fan. Take it to my old house, step-dad looks at it; the coolant is empty. Thank God it wasn't anything more serious. That would be one of the last things we'd like to happen at this point!

Have a happy Sunday tomorrow!

(p.s. just wanted to add...the little girl in the picture is our little sister and my brother is the one who hurt his ankle. just needed to clarify because I heard of some confusion!)


Kayleigh Draur said...

Love the new look of the blog, Krystal! :) You did a great job! Hope Greg feels better soon! And have fun with the bike- I want to get one because around here is the perfect place to ride! :)

tia said...

SemperFi. My mom and dad were both in the Marine Corps. I hope your hubby feels better, glad to hear he is okay.

and I totally agree with Kayleigh- I read your blog a few days ago, and the new look, is awesome!

Krystal ; That Recruit's W I F E said...

Thanks! I had this idea in my head last night while I was trying to sleep...and couldn't relax until I actually did something with it! Glad you two like it, and thanks for reading. :)