Thursday, March 31, 2011

this "no internet" thing...

...I don't like it! It's only been gone a day, but I'm kind of surprised at how much I was doing something on the computer. I've been doing crosswords, organizing stuff, and spending much missed quality time with B since it's been turned off. I guess it's good in a way; I can find other things to occupy my time with instead of pointlessly clicking away on pointless sites that I don't really care about anyway. Had several small breakdowns yesterday. Several actually doesn't even begin to decribe it. I spent most of the day crying my eyes out because every day gets closer to him leaving and I can't accept it yet! I just don't want to. I've seen him every day minus one since I met him and it's going to be so hard to have him gone. While he's gone, however, I have a few things I want to do. Some crazy things I probably wouldn't do if he was here (don't worry, they're all cleared with B so he won't be too shocked when he comes back)...

  • go skydiving (a birthday present from a coworker)

  • get s o m e t h i n g pierced, either nose or tragus. Both would be awesome.

  • Get a bulldog.

That last one is waaay out there for right now, I have to see how the finances are doing while he's away and I won't have my hands on the money he's making. :) I hope to start actually saving for it after my birthday and maybe by Christmas I'll have little Gary the bulldog. (Gary is my brother's it would only make sense to name little puppy that!)

Also wanted to say thanks for my few but faithful followers! It really makes me happy to know I have a couple people reading this. I hope that number steadily increases as I put more on here.

Oh, and one more thing! Song Link-Up Week 6! Go to Goodnight Moon to take part in the fun!

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That song...yeah. That's pretty much how I've felt the past week or so. Even though I feel better now, it's still my song for the week. So happy tomorrow is Friday! It's my weekend off and I fully intend on relaxing for every bit of it.


Goodnight moon said...

This song sounds like a great song for your mood from your post. Go sky diving...I always wanted to do that too...but now that I have kids, it totally freaks me out!

I saw the best looking bulldog the other day. He was so solid and handsome looking. I stopped and talked to his owner because he was that good looking! I've always wanted one too;)

Thanks so much for linking up this week!!!!

Kayla said...

I'm such an enabler, but you definitely need to get both your tragus and nose pierced ;)

The tragus is more intense than the nose, so work your way up by doing your nose first!

Krystal ; That Recruit's W I F E said...

Thanks you too! I'm pretty excited for my plans this summer/fall :)

Kayleigh Draur said...

Which coworker is paying for you to go skydiving?! That is a pretty pricey gift! We are hoping to go somewhere this year to do that as well. My mother in law and her boyfriend did it last fall and I loved watching the videos :) That has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember! :)