Saturday, June 4, 2011

better today.

I feel a wee bit better today. A little bit. But that's improvement, right?

I did some serious blog hopping today and found some things I have to make. One of them is a gift for B when he graduates. I'm so excited about that one I may just make it next week and save it until the big day.

This is unfortunately my weekend to work. I hate these weekends. They seem to go by soo s l o w l y and by the end of a shift I feel halfway dead.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I'm anxiously awaiting next weekend...because I'm off :) Also, my birthday is Thursday so I'm sure I'll have fun then too. Good night, all.

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Katie Elizabeth said...

i can finally comment like i've been meaning to!

first, thanks so much for being my very first follower!

second, you and your husband are so amazingly cute together! i wish you guys the best of luck! i can't wait to see your journey as a married military couple :)