Thursday, June 2, 2011

song link up, week 15.

Yes, week fifteen. I have been absent and I'm sorry. :'( I'm sure you all understand!

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This week, I picked Lady Gaga. Why? I don't know. She makes me happy because she's so weird and crazy and unpredictable. I need to be happy now...I feel pretty lonely and it's only been four days. It WILL get better though, I'm sure of it. This song also does sort of remind me of B...we watched her perform this on American Idol the last night before we moved out of our apartment. He likes the song but he definitely won't admit it. :)

And I'm hanging on a moment with you; I'm on the edge with you.


Kelsey said...

Great pick! This one always makes me want to dance.

Goodnight moon said...

Lady Gaga is always a good choice! Sending you hugs girlie!!! I'm so sorry! We are all here to help support you though!

Thanks for linking up! Sorry I'm just now making my rounds...I was super sick yesterday.