Tuesday, June 14, 2011

See that up there? I made it :) It's one of the few things I've been crafting lately; this beauty is made from lovely (cheap) earrings from Charlotte Russe I never wore. It's a hair clip/pin since I couldn't decide which one I'd rather make ( also props to my Droid's FxCamera...since Instagram is only for iPhones!)

No letter today...a little sad about that but I can't be expecting them everyday anyway! No way will he have time for that. But it's okay because whenever I do get a letter it will just be that much more special.

Does anyone take part in No Model Lady's All Dressed Up? Her outfit this week is beautiful and I would totally love to get involved with this! Let me know and we can all link up together!

I've been buying a bunch of shoes recently...three new pairs last week. None this week, but then again it's only Tuesday. :)

Anybody done any good shopping lately? What's on your summer wish list? I would love a nautical floppy sun hat, some white wedges, and a couple more summery dresses.

Good night, loves.

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