Sunday, June 19, 2011

weekend recap and some news.

We'll start off with the news: I heard from my brother today and he has been assigned his permanent duty station! He's headed to Ft. Riley as part of the 1st Infantry division. He's excited and so am I! I can't wait to see him at the end of this summer.

I worked all weekend as you all know, luckily it flew by so quickly and I hardly had time to mope around and complain like usual. I stayed on my toes through all the shifts and God gave me patience to deal with the usual nonsense that occurs daily.

I have received a few letters from B since I've last updated. He got his wisdom teeth out a few days ago and was put on light duty for two days. I bet he's all swelled up like a chipmunk right about now, but maybe not. He said a ton of the guys are having knee problems (including himself) so they're all being watched closely. His blood pressure has came down significantly...which is AWESOME because it was pretty high in the weeks leading up to him leaving. I'm sure it was all just nerves though and he's normal now. He said they eat salt packets every day to stay hydrated and that they also have to pour salt all over their food for the same reason. (yuck...?)

And this next statement will sum up pretty much everything that went on in my head all weekend: What is wrong with people?!

Question time! What is your favorite love song? B told me to buy 'comforting' music with the iTunes card he got me and I'm kind of drawing a blank and I've only purchased seven songs. Help me!

Have a fabulous week (but I'll probably write more before then)!


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Kayla said...

"Hold You In My Arms" by Ray LaMontagne is AMAZING!

Also, check out stuff by The Weepies. They are an adorable married couple, their stuff is sweet :)