Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I got a phone call today that made my heart race, my hands shake, my skin get clammy.

B has hurt his knee severely and will be in the rehabilitation facility until further notice.

I don't know the whole story, but I'll share what I do. He was running, and his knee just gave out. He fell down and couldn't get back up so he had to be picked up where he was and taken to the hospital at PI.

Someone from the hospital/facility called me at work and told me what had happened, and that from here he could have decided to come home immediately or stay and try to work through it. I was informed that B had decided to stay and that it could take up to six weeks for him to get out of rehab and into a different company.

He was having knee problems even before he left, but he had talked to several people (other recruiters, Marines, etc) and they didn't think it would be a problem so he didn't worry either.

Well, what if he gets recycled but the same thing happens again? Then his dream of becoming a Marine is OVER. Smashed into a million little pieces. Our hope for our future family is destroyed, we will be in the same mess we were before with no money, a crappy apartment, and getting nowhere in life.

This really sucks. I got to talk to him for two minutes, and while it was good to hear his voice, my heart totally breaks for him. He wanted this so bad. He just kept saying, "I'm sorry, I love you" over and over again. He didn't sound upset, but then again who would want to cry in front of Marines and Navy medics?

Everyone please pray for him (and me). He could use the strength and support. Thank you so much. Any advice would be appreciated from fellow mil-spouses.


Katie Elizabeth said...

Oh no! That's not good. I hope he gets better soon. Don't give up and don't lose hope. He'll get there - just stay positive :)

xo katie elizabeth

Gaile said...

Prayers coming your way for sure - I hate when life throws something like this at me, and I have to WAIT to find out what adjustments can/should be made to my plans. I just don't do well with waiting.
Maybe while we all pray for swift healing and good placement with another company, we should also be praying for you to be inspired with an AWESOME back-up plan (JUST in case).

Hang in there!

Krystal ; That Recruit's W I F E said...

As much as I'd hate to have to think of a back up plan, it might be in the cards now. Thanks for the encouragement guys, I appreciate it :) Hopefully I'll get his new address soon and we can 'talk' some more about it.