Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's getting better.

I think I'm doing better now. I know I am. Jesus is making this a ton easier on me.

I got a letter from B in the mail ON MY BIRTHDAY. Best (unexpected) present. I don't want to blab all his personal feelings over the internet, but basically he said that boot camp right now sucks and he doesn't know what day or time it is. I was expecting him to hate it at first (I'm sure everyone wonders what the heck they got their selves into) so it was no surprise really.

I've been writing him every day and I can't wait til he gets my first letter. At first getting a letter from him made me miss him sooo much more, but now I realize: hey, this is doable. Two and a half months left...yes, it's a long time. But I can do it.

Thanks for the support, blog friends :) And oh yeah, I'm 20 now!


Katie Elizabeth said...

Aww that's so great! How cute :) Glad you're doing better. You can do it! Happy belated birthday!!

xo katie elizabeth

Krystal ; That Recruit's W I F E said...

Thanks for the belated birthday! :)