Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Dressed Up

My first All Dressed Up! Head over to her blog and you will be completely wowed. Lady is absolutely gorgeus, her wardrobe is to die for, AND she's a Marine wife! How awesome is that (not to mention she totally has the 50's look going on, which I love love loveee).

Well, my outfit today is definitely not fifties related whatsoever, but I still love it! I'm actually not going anywhere today, so I pretty much got dressed up to enjoy my day off at home catching up on blogs and sewing (I have an exciting life).

dress - a boutique on Main Street
shoes - Cato
hair flower - handmade by me!

I'm wearing lipstick today...can you believe it?
Me either.

I totally meant to do my hair for the first couple pictures...but obviously that didn't happen.

Too bad B isn't here to see this outfit, I'm pretty sure he'd like it. Either like it or say something like, "Cover your shoulders up!" He's just a tad protective.


No Model Lady said...

Aw, chucks :) Thanks for the sweet words! You look fabulous! Welcome to All Dressed Up!

Jamie said...

Beautiful dress!!! And I love that flower.