Monday, July 11, 2011

the perks of working with the public.

(just sometimes, though)

There's this customer who comes in on a semi-regular basis; he's a retired Navy chaplain who has done a lot of work with Marines. He's always telling me about something military related, offering advice, stuff like that.

So today he comes in with this present for me; and guess what it is?

That print on a metal poster!

I loveeee it, of course. That's totally a picture of my fifties-alter-ego self.

I mean, how awesome is that? That is why I like working there; because there are still genuine people who really care and what to make you happy. This guy could be like my grandpa, we have a relationship almost as good as blood family.

So as you can tell, that totally made my day. I would send a picture of it to B but those recruits might get their panties in a wad if they see some female legs, so never mind. He'll just have to wait and see it when he comes home :)

In other news; I have booked our "honeymoon!" We didn't get a real one when we got married (a product of getting married so young) so we're definitely going to enjoy ourselves. I only booked it for three nights, but part of me wants to stay longer. We'll see how the cards are played.

I tried to upload pictures of my new [to me] awesome red dress, but Blogger apparently doesn't like it. :'( Hopefully tomorrow!


Megilon said...

Love the poster! Have fun on your honeymoon!!

MrsMike said...

I love love love anything retro military pin-up-esq!