Monday, July 4, 2011

this isn't so bad.

Well lovely readers, no mail today of course. And nothing on Saturday, so I'm expecting some serious letters on Tuesday! I've been getting so spoiled recieving something every day, and the days just drag and drag when I don't find anything in our little red mail box.

So since today is the 4th of July and all, my family and I were supposed to go see fireworks at a park nearby. But of course, it had to rain and ruin our plans. I hate when stuff like this happens! I'm a sucker for some fireworks, and now it will have to wait until next year.

I miss B a lot. I'm constantly so lost in thought remembering things about him and us. Today, mom and I were driving through a parking lot and I interrupted her and said, "Aw, this is where we had our first kiss, right over there..." Never thought the first time I kissed him would be in a parking lot...but whatever. It worked for us.

Or the times I blurt out in the middle of a conversation: "I wonder what he's doing right at this minute." Oh, I'll tell you what he's doing right now...SLEEPING. My recruit apparently sleeps from 8pm to 3:30am and is awoken by DI's screaming, "LIGHTS! LIGHTS! LIGHTS!" At least that's what his letters tell me.

I have this routine I have to do at bedtime now; at least most nights I do it. I'll write him a letter, look through our photo album (which is sooo lacking on pictures), randomly read a few of the letters he's written me, and maybe write some more on his letter before cramming it in an envelope so I don't write too much and get all mushy and lovey-dovey sounding. Because that is so not cool to send to Parris Island.

I never thought that my husband; the quiet, cocky, open, whirlwind would be at USMC boot camp. This never even crossed our minds back in the early days, yet here we are because it's the road we've decided to cross in our life.

I just can't wait to see him on graduation day (assuming his knee won't give him any more problems, landing him in MRP). Now that will be indredible.

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