Saturday, July 23, 2011

a crafty weekend.

Well, I'm not mending this weekend, but I have been parked behind the sewing machine and craft table for pretty much the whole day.

I get on these big crafting kicks and will do nothing but craft for hours at a time, then something will go wrong and I'll get all ticked off and slam everything back in the box and not touch it for weeks. You see, I am a perfectionist and this is how we do things. Something doesn't go right the first time? Fine. Just get a big attitude and throw it in the box to "work on later."

Nope, not this weekend. I've had a project in mind for a while; my own version of this. It was my plan to make it for B's graduation and put it in a special frame. Well, I did it today. Yes, I actually completed a project the first time I sat down to do it. And man, was it easy. The only mishap I had was an incorrectly embroidered e which I fixed by adding a few extra stitches. I tried to get a picture of it, but it's eleven at night and just really hard to get a good picture right now.

I got kind of emotional while making it, it has a line from our song, and it's just really special. I'm going to guarantee you he will shed a tear. Or two. He may be fresh out of boot camp when he gets it, but I think it will still get to him the same way it would any other day. I. Can't. Wait.

B told me that every Sunday during church this song is played. He told me I have to listen to it, and the first time I hear it I thought it was severely depressing and couldn't understand why they would make the recruits listen to that. Now that I've seen the music video I totally get it and LOVE the song. It makes me cry too.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any crafts? Emotional moments?

(c) Erin Rena on Flickr

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Kim T. said...

Following from the military monday blog hop!

I get the same way! If I get mad I just put it all away and leave it for later. Sometimes later never comes lol.